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Dec 2021


Hong Kong Court Confirms Cryptocurrency is “Property”

Suraj Sajnani, Sian Knight and Michelle Chen discuss the Hong Kong High Court's express confirmation, for the first time ever, that cryptocurrency is “property” and can form the subject matter of a trust.  The Court’s decision in Re Gatecoin Ltd aligns Hong Kong’s...

The power of data (or, why I love metrics)

Data is a powerful thing. You can capture as much of it as you can store. Record every inch of productivity, log each step you take and the hours you slept (or didn’t sleep). But unless you’re leveraging data to really understand the story behind it, insights can be...

For the female practitioners in the KWM Debt Capital Markets team, “diversity is just part of the fabric of the team”. Briana Bentley, Kathryn Tomasic and Hilary Yeoh takes us through their experiences of diversity in our DCM team and how the support received has impacted their careers.

Briana Bentley, Special Counsel

What led you to become a DCM lawyer at KWM?  

Pure luck.  I had never heard of securitisation before I did a rotation through the banking and finance team as a graduate lawyer, but as soon as I got my head around the structures and concepts I was hooked.  I love working my way through all of the different moving parts to make sure the structure works, and considering each piece of the puzzle from the perspective of the different parties involved.

How has support for women and diversity at KWM been important for your career success?

The fact that it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to take time out to have a family, or that if I worked part-time I wouldn’t be able to still do what I love, or that I would somehow have to choose between my career and the rest of my life speaks volumes for the support for women and diversity that is part of KWM’s culture.

Kathryn Tomasic, Senior Associate

What has your experience of diversity been at KWM?

KWM has a diverse workforce, and I think this is ultimately a source of strength for the firm. The firm has demonstrated its commitment to diversity across all levels, and has produced some fantastic female role models. I have never felt pressure to “fit in” to a particular mould at KWM, and have witnessed first-hand the value that differing viewpoints can bring in delivering the best results for clients.

What is your vision for supporting women and diversity in DCM and what role would you like to play in that?

I would like to see support for women and diversity at all levels of practice within DCM – ranging from early on in the career, to leadership positions.  I hope to be able to play a part in supporting the development of junior lawyers who are starting out in their careers in DCM (and those who considering embarking on this area).

Hilary Yeoh, Senior Associate

What is a career highlight for you?

A career highlight for me was my promotion to Senior Associate last year. It was special to mark many years of hard work and perseverance with this career milestone. I attribute a lot of my career success so far to the opportunities that I have had to learn from and be mentored by the senior lawyers and partners in my team on a daily basis.

What has your experience of diversity been at KWM?

The DCM Team at KWM is incredibly diverse – the team is made up of predominantly women and we all come from different ethnicities and backgrounds.  In some ways, diversity is just part of the fabric of the team.  In my experience, being a woman of Asian background has not had a negative impact on my experience in the workplace and this is a credit to the inclusive work environment that the firm has sought to foster.

 What is your vision for supporting women and diversity in DCM and what role would you like to play in that?

The best way to support women and diversity is to lead by example and to demonstrate what is possible for young lawyers coming through.  I have benefitted from being mentored by women in leadership positions throughout my career and I hope to pay it forward by sharing my experiences, particularly as a woman of Asian background, with the next generation.


Special Counsel | Banking and Finance

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